Divine Qualities: 100 Divine Truth

100 Divine Truth

This essence connects you with divine truth, which is a clear, penetrating and imperturbable light that is anchored in the divine throne and has its equivalent in our heart chakra. To be connected with the divine truth means to know exactly what is right. It is the foundation for a life of truthfulness. If the light of Divine Truth is brought into your life, it will bring a new alignment to your day to day activities. This essence penetrates all levels of deceit and illusion. It lights the fire in your heart in order for you to live divine truth and it helps you to settle for nothing less. Divine Truth supports the heart meditation allowing you to enter a space of silence where you can hear God’s voice. Undisturbed by outer impressions, wishes and hopes, all can be seen in the light of truth. This essence helps you to perceive yourself and others free from opinion.


Content: 10ml


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