Divine Qualities: 109 Divine Laughter

109 Divine Laughter

This essence carries the quality of divine laughter. This laughter is the foundation for divine joy in all creation. It is mirrored in the laughing Buddha. This essence lets you take part in the cosmic joy. It takes you into the higher levels so that you can perceive yourself and your life from this divine perspective. Completely detached from earthly experiences, Divine Laughter awakens the ability to laugh. It brings joy for creation itself and for taking part in it. This essence allows all daily matters to take a step back and frees your divine core. This divine laughter is infectious, nobody can resist it. It awakens the memory of the presence of your own divinity; and self-imposed boundaries dissolve. In this laughter, nothing but divine joy can last. This essence helps you to completely be in the here and now and to see the world with God’s laughing eyes.


Content: 10ml


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