Divine Qualities: 110 Divine Vision

110 Divine Vision

This essence brings you into contact with divine visions which exist completely untouched by time and space and beyond all ideas, wishes or opinions. It is one of the greatest gifts to be able to dive into this level. Each divine vision is perfect and complete, granting insights into your divine plan and the purpose, goals and tasks of your divine being. The essence lets you dive into the divine dream of creation which has an importance for your own world and your life. This is where your own creation levels start to communicate and unfold. Through this divine essence, these visions can be experienced through your earthly form, and then made manifest. Words are too limited to describe the completeness and perfection of divine visions. When you open yourself up to them and allow yourself to be touched by their purity, beauty and perfection, they fill your heart with joy; and then head for manifestation.


Content: 10ml


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