Divine Qualities: 112 Heaven & Earth

112 Heaven & Earth

This essence carries the energy of unity, of heaven and Earth, removing any separation. It helps you to bring the light of heaven to Earth and to penetrate Earth with it, unlocking creation levels. This can be experienced in all your chakras which are your own creation levels. Unity of heaven and Earth is the foundation of creation. The light of heaven is finding a creation expression on Earth; and is now creating a golden age in which all worlds take part. This essence helps you to share the gifts of your heaven with Earth. It brings you into contact with your own creation power and it helps to free the inherent light held within Earth. With this essence, there is no holding back, all pours forth in the flow of the golden light of unity. The light realms of Earth are awakening. They were created as an expression of God’s light realms. Heaven and Earth helps you to wake up and take your place, creating your own world with this divine light; a new world that relates to heaven. Heaven and Earth essence promotes the recognition of the divine light in all aspects of creation.


New Levels 2012

Heaven and Earth enables you to dive into all buddha worlds, which are now becoming active, and brings you into contact with the parallel worlds and levels which are forming out of the heavens. All heavens and heavenly aspects, which are now participating consciously in the new light creation, are beginning to announce themselves. At the same time, their corresponding light levels are showing up in the Earth.


Content: 10ml


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