Divine Qualities: 114 Eternal Love

114 Eternal Love

This essence contains the energy of eternal love, the original source of all that is. Everything that lives emerges from it, everything is sustained by it and everything returns to it. Eternal love is the original essence of creation. Eternal Love essence carries this all-penetrating love energy. It brings healing, and completeness, whilst being carried and supported in the endless love of the Divine Mother. This essence lets you dive into your own bliss. It leaves no questions. All is as it is. Eternal Love helps you to always re-connect with this original source. It awakens and strengthens the unconditional love in your heart chakra and from there it flows into all areas of your life.


New Levels 2012

This essence enables you to dive into the eternal love quality, which surrounds, penetrates and carries everything. Eternal love is the original source of creation out of which everything that is created becomes tangible. It awakens, strengthens and makes accessible to Earth, new qualities for the heart chakra. New levels of healing are brought forth; and the temple of love becomes tangible in your heart.


Content: 10ml


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