Mental Body: 23 Mental Enlightenment

23 Mental Enlightenment

Mental Enlightenment realigns you with your own higher guidance. It clears the way for inspiration and intuition to come through; thus helping you to achieve your personal growth and goals. Mental pathways are opened up again and you come into contact with your dreams, visions and ideas, ensuring they are not nipped in the bud before they have had a chance to manifest. When you get stuck in your daily problems you lose touch with your higher guidance, you may have many ideas, goals and ambitions for your life but if these things fail to materialise you may give up and focus solely on the outside world rather than aligning yourself with your inner knowing and your spiritual guidance. Mental Enlightenment paves the way for you to reconnect with, and realign yourself back to, your higher purpose. Mental Enlightenment can break through the engrained patterns which have built up on Earth collectively and which are maintained by society.


New Levels 2012

Mental Enlightenment allows you to dive into and to re-connect with your spiritual guidance in order to receive its impulses. Inspiration for this new time is granted. This essence increases your communication with your spiritual guides and other supporting helpers and companions from the spiritual world. It also brings you into contact with your own tasks and your life purpose for this incarnation.

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