Mental Body: 24 God's Idea

24 God's Idea

God’s Idea connects you with your divine guidance and divine visions. It brings your mental body into unison with your own divinity so that impulses and information from the divine levels can come through in their pure form. The light of this essence as it permeates the mental body is radiantly bright. Like a laser beam the light cuts directly through all layers to initiate a process of manifestation. This essence is also helpful in meditation as it calms your mind, clarifying and illuminating it, so that the divine impulses can find their way into your heart.


New Levels 2012

Through God’s Idea immediate guidance for this heart-based time can be experienced from the highest source. It brings you into contact with the divine throne and grants you visions for your own life and for the Earth. It supports the synchronisation between your will and the divine will thus strengthening your manifestation power. God’s Idea also grants insights into life in this new Golden Age.

Content: 10ml


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