Sirius: 35 Nedebra

35 Nedebra

Nedebra contains to pure female creation information that wants to manifest and be lived on Earth as Shakti energy. The first principle of femininity as expression of creation can be experienced through Nedebra. It heals wounded female creation aspects. It brings you into contact with the pure Shakti energy and helps you to unfold it, to strengthen it and to live it. It revives the female expressions of the light. It helps you to be at peace with your own femininity. It enhances your willingness to receive the divine creation impulses that are coming in from heaven to be lived on Earth. Nedebra allows you to dive into the completeness of the female light energy and to experience yourself as independent. It helps you to create a new flow between male and female energies through this independence so that a new balance can be established.


Content: 10ml


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