Orion: 45 Camran

45 Camran

Camran helps your physical eyes and enhances your ability to see clairvoyantly. Using this essence, those who were trained as seers in the past can regain this ability. Camran trains the eyes to see other dimensions and to recognise forms and structures such as those found in the light body. There is a temple on Orion where initiations for seers take place. These seers have a special aura sign in their third eye. Camran will open your perception levels layer by layer whilst also supporting your physical sight. Through Camran, it is possible to regain the ability for 360-degree perception. By increasing your awareness the essence also enhances your ability to react quickly in any moment.


New Levels 2012

Camran opens new perception levels for the parallel worlds, the light realms, the universes, and their individual light characteristics. It promotes perception outside of earthly limitations and helps you to recognise beings and new energy forms.


Content: 10ml


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