Orion: 48 Or

48 Or

On Orion the soul passes through a cycle of initiation and training and this essence enables you to bring back and integrate all the information and training received, according to what is relevant for you now. Very powerful knowledge of divine law is kept on Orion, such as how to bring light to Earth and how to align perfectly with your own divine plan. If you choose this essence it shows that your soul is ready for its ascent, and it is prepared to follow solely its own divine order and to bring everything that still has to be done to completion. Or brings back the memory of your divine plan and enables you to reintegrate this, step by step, into your consciousness so that you can reveal your full potential of light.


New Levels 2012

Or enables access to the level of the divine blueprint for the new Golden Age and it brings you into contact with the complete visions for Earth, in harmony with the divine throne.


Content: 10ml


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