Lemuria Moon: 65 Goddess of Purity

65 Goddess of Purity

Goddess of Purity is a gift from the Divine Mother. It holds the purity of crystal-clear water and can bring this into every level. In the times of Lemuria the quality of the water was quite different from the water we experience today. This essence brings back this pure information and immerses your whole being, all the energy bodies and the physical body, in its cleansing energy. Goddess of Purity lets the crystal clear light of your soul shine through. This essence strengthens the water element and can help to cleanse the waters of the Earth. It supports places of unity, nature temples close to water, and places of worship for the Moon and the water element.


New Levels 2012

Goddess of Purity brings you into contact with the exuding Shakti energy; and supports the cleansing and healing of water. The Moon with its vibrational frequencies touches the depths of the oceans and all waters to allow everything which wants to be alive in the new times to rise up again. It enlivens all fluid systems in incarnated beings, going deep into the physical body and encouraging new flows so that the body can be a temple for the soul. Goddess of Purity enables access to the new Moon energy which serves the pure Shakti.


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