Pleiades: 85 Lotus

85 Lotus

Lotus aligns you with your own starlight and helps you to bring your own divine light and guidance into your life. Lotus brings healing, transformation and liberation. It raises your vibration and penetrates all of your energy bodies aligning them with the divine light and your own heaven. This essence grants protection and comfort during times of transformation. Lotus holds all the information about the light of the lotus of Stonehenge, which re-unites the Earth with the starlight worlds and releases transformation energy. This essence supports all lotus places on Earth.


New Levels 2012

Everything that wants to enter creation from the lotus heavens can become tangible through this essence. Lotus brings you into contact with the lotus worlds which are now beginning to awaken. Through this essence it is possible to dive into the different levels of Lotus Healing.


Content: 10ml


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