February 2017: 72 Archangel Gabriel

This essence carries the light of divine grace and forgiveness. With its pure white light it helps you to relieve yourself from old burdens and attachments, purifying you in the process.


It opens the path for you to fully reconnect with your own light again. It strengthens the knowledge that the separation from the divine only exists in and is sustained by the human mind, and that it is always possible to become one again. 


Daily application in February:

  1. Place a drop of the essence onto each chakra, starting with the lotus chakra and ending with the root chakra, onto both knees and onto both feet.
  2. Place a drop each onto the thumb and index finger of both hands. Hold the left index finger and thumb onto the sacrum and the right index finger and thumb onto the atlas allowing the energy to flood the spine.
  3. Place two drops into your hands and rub them together. Place your hands onto your kidneys and wait for the energy to be taken up. Then place your hands to the left and right of your belly button, again waiting for the energy to be taken up. Then place your hands above and below your belly button, waiting for the energy to be taken up. 
  4. Place one drop into your mouth. 
  5. Place one drop onto your fingertips of both hands and tap your temples with them. Then place your hands onto your neck and brush the essence out from there.


72 Archangel Gabriel - Starlight Essence February 2017
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72 Archangel Gabriel


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