May 2017: 29 Delight

Delight illuminates the causal body, so it can integrate the higher

frequencies of starlight streaming to Earth, and increase its vibration accordingly. Delight helps you release your identification with karmic structures, thereby bringing new possibilities of looking at and coping with your past. Delight awakens resonances for new light levels according to the new creation flow in the chakras.


New Levels 2012

Delight adjusts your causal body to your hyper-causal body in order for

you to dive into the completeness of your being. It supports the increase

and shift of vibration according to the new light matrix.

Daily application in May:

  1. Lead the bottle with your arm stretched above your head slowly on the front of your chakras until you reach your feet. You place the essence between your feet.
  2. You place a drop of the essence between your feet, then with your arm stretched out in front of you, to the right, behind you and then to left.
  3. Lead the essence around each chakra in a clockwise direction (root to lotus chakra).
  4. Place a drop each onto each chakra beginning in the front from bottom to top and then the backside top to bottom.
  5. Rub three drops between your hands and place your hands flat onto your lower belly and then to your sides and the back and then return the same way to the front. Repeat this for your upper belly.
  6. Finally, take one drop orally and remain standing in the field of Delight for a little while.


29 Delight - Starlight Essence May 2017
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29 Delight


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