June 2017: 33 Mykos

Mykos brings you into contact with the creation information of your sacral chakra and the quintessential power potentials. It frees the power to live your own light and to move on imperturbably. Mykos contains the power levels of the light. It helps you accept your own power and to bring it into service. It activates your inner power core and helps you to take your own steps. It carries the knowledge about the power of the light and helps to build the new foundation for the Golden Age. It furthers the awakening and reconnection with your true self and helps to let go of dependencies. It helps you to unfold your own divine potentials.

Daily application in June:

  1. Hold the bottle in front of your sacral chakra and lead it with your arm strechted out in front of you, then bring the essence back toward your body. Move the bottle to your right side and repeat this movement to the right; then lead the bottle to the back and repeat the movement there; lead the bottle to the left and repeat the movement there. Bring the bottle in front of you again and complete a full clockwise circle around your body. Then do another circle around your sacral chakra 50cm away from your body.
  2. Place 3 drops into your right hand and with that hand you make three clockwise circles around your belly button. Do the same on the backside of the sacral chakra.
  3. Place one drop each onto both feet, both knees, the root, sacral, solarplexus, heart, throat and brow chakra, both temples, and the lotus chakra.
  4. Rub 3 drops between your hands and hold them 30-40cm in front of your sacral chakra, then reduce the distance to 5-10cm. Then repeat this in front of your heart chakra. Then place your left hand in front of your sacral chakra and your right hand in front of your heart chakra. Finally place both hands onto your kidneys. In all positions hold your hands until the energy has been taken up.
  5. To finish the exercise take one drop orally.
33 Mykos - Starlight Essence June 2017
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33 Mykos


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