December 2017: 70 Anega

Anega helps you to connect with your own starlight. Each soul has their

unique starlight dress which was woven in Salerno. Anega awakens the

memory of this light to bring alignment and access to your own starlight


New Levels 2012

Anega promotes the awakening and unification of your own starlight

presence. It helps in the shaping of your new light body as the light

gown of the soul receives a manifest earthly form.

Daily application in December:

  1. Hold the essence with your arm stretched high above your lotus chakra. From there you slowly lead the essence toward your lotus chakra, and from there slowly down toward your feet. Leave the essence there for a moment. 
  2. Then slowly bring the essence up to your heart chakra and hold it there for a moment. 
  3. Then place a drop each onto:
  • Lotus chakra
  • Both shoulder points (GB 21)
  • Both hips
  • Both knees
  • The back of your feet
  • Around your belly button in a clockwise movement and then a spiral to your belly button. 
  • With thumb and index finger of each hand onto your coccyx and atlas 
  • Heart chakra

      4.   Finally take one drop orally. 

70 Anega - Starlight Essence December 2017
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70 Anega


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