May 2018: 20 Angels' Dust

 Angels’ Dust raises the vibration in the emotional body. It is a gift from the realm of the angels which illuminates the emotional body. It brings you into contact with frequencies of light which free you from human limitations. Angels’ Dust is like a fine vibrating mist that permeates all the colours of the emotional body, transmuting and releasing emotional heaviness as the new higher vibrational frequencies are taken on. Angels’ Dust cools and calms your emotions by lightening them; thus freeing you from emotional ties of the past. This essence helps you to experience and share emotions without creating emotional ties or bonds. 

New Levels 2012 

Angels’ Dust brings special support from the angelic realms for the Golden Age. It supports the opening of new resonances for new light impulses; and their subsequent integration. Angels’ Dust also enables the integration of the light that is coming from the angelic realm. Through Angels’ Dust essence transformation of the emotional body is granted. 

Daily application in May:

  1. Rub three drops of the essence between your hands. Spread your arms into your emotional body (ca. 40 cm) and lead them in front of each chakra (heart, throat, brow, and lotus chakra, then solar plexus, sacral and root chakra). Hold your hands at each chakra for a moment. 
  2. Rub three drops of the essence in your hands and hold them in the emotional body over your kidneys. Slowly lead your hands toward your body until you reach the astral body (ca. 5 cm).
  3. Rub three drops of the essence between your hands and hold one hand in the emotional body in front of your liver and the other hand in front of your spleen. Then lead your hands toward your body until you reach the astral body.
  4. Take one drop orally.

Alternatively, you can use the spray: Spray above your head and around each chakra with a distance of 40 – 50 cm. 

20 Angels' Dust - Starlight Essence May 2018
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20 Angels' Dust


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