July 2018: 62 Wisdom of Destiny

Wisdom of Destiny connects you with your soul path, your destination and your goals. It helps you to bring your divine guidance through making it easier to focus and align yourself. This essence helps you to no longer identify with the past by illuminating your path so that you can see ahead and move forward. 


New Levels 2012 

Wisdom of Destiny allows access to all heavens and worlds, so that you can embrace your own life-task and your main incarnation goal. This essence now brings these clearly into focus that they may be acted upon. 

Daily application in July:

  1. Hold the essence with your arm stretched out in front of each chakra and then slowly lead the essence toward you until you reach the astral body. There you make a clockwise circle around the chakra. Proceed as follows: heart, solar plexus, sacral, root, throat, brow chakra. 
  2. At the lotus chakra, stretch your arm above your head, slowly lead the essence toward your head and then make a clockwise circle astrally above your head. 
  3. Place one drop each onto the back of each chakra, starting at the root chakra and going up to the lotus chakra. 
  4. Place one drop onto the shoulder points (acupuncture point GB 21), the fold of your elbow (acupuncture point LI 11), both knees, the back of your feet and into the mouth. 
  5. Place one drop each onto the temples and then lead the essence around your head in a clockwise circle. 
  6. Place one drop onto your heart chakra; place one drop between your right thumb and index finger and make a line on your forehead from the root of your nose upwards. 
62 Wisdom of Destiny - Starlight Essence July 2018
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62 Wisdom of Destiny


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