November 2018: 86 Pleiadian Dreams

Pleiadian Dreams creates a connection to the original light of the Dreamtime. In Dreamtime the eternal laws of the cosmos and respect for all beings exist together. This essence supports visionary dreams and awakens memories of the Pleiades, where beings dream their creations into reality, enabling you to connect with divine visions with such clarity that the manifestation process can begin. This essence helps you to manifest your own light form in accordance with divine law. It creates unity among soul families and awakens consciousness of the light networks; fostering connections and communication. 

New Levels 2012 

Pleiadian Dreams contains the new light levels of the Dreamtime and brings you into contact with creational impulses from source, the pure unformed being. With it, it is possible to receive complete visions. It provides connection to the divine throne and Shambala; and it carries the knowledge levels from the original times as well as bringing you into contact with the complete order for this new Golden Age. 

Daily application in November:

  1. Place one drop each onto the lotus chakra, the brow chakra and the heart chakra.
  2. Rub three drops between your hands and hold them in front of your brow chakra (10 cm distance away from the body). Then slowly move your hands to the sides and to the back of your head. From there you move your hands back again to the front. 
  3. Stretch your hands in front of your brow chakra. Then bring them back slowly to the brow chakra. 
  4. Stretch your hands in front of your heart chakra. Then bring them back slowly to the heart chakra.
  5. Cross your hands over behind the back of your head and keep them there for a moment.
  6. Then take one drop orally. 
86 Pleiadian Dreams - Starlight Essence November 2018
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86 Pleiadian Dreams


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