February 2019: 13 Equilibre

Equilibre supports the currents in the brain and restores balance. It enhances the flow between the left and right hemisphere. Equilibre helps you to integrate more light; and it supports a free flow of thoughts. 

Daily application in February:

  1. Place one drop onto the top of your head, into the mouth and onto your temples.
  2. Place one drop between your index finger and thumb, holding them together. Place your left index finger and thumb onto the middle of your forehead, and your right index finger and thumb onto the middle of the back of your head. Then simultaneously move your fingers that are on your forehead to the left, and the fingers that are on the back of your head to the right. Hold them there for a moment, then move them simultaneously in the opposite direction: the fingers on the forehead go to the right traversing the forehead, the fingers on the back of the head go to the left traversing the back of the head. Hold the fingers there again for a moment. Then bring the fingers back to the middle position, and from there move them simultaneously to the top of your head. Hold them there for a moment, then move them downwards on the sides toward your ears (close to your temples) and hold them there for another moment.
  3. Finally place one drop onto your heart chakra, both shoulders and the back of your feet. 
13 Equilibre - Starlight Essence February 2019
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13 Equilibre


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