April 2019: 105 Divine Harmony

This essence connects you with the original sound of creation. All that is, is vibration and sound. Divine harmony is the foundation out of which the manifold sound patterns and frequencies of all beings and worlds are formed.

This essence allows you to attune yourself to the divine worlds of sound, to create harmonious resonances and to penetrate the light nets on Earth with them so that new resonances for light, love and peace can arise. When everybody lives in harmony with their own divine energy, it brings harmonious circumstances into life situations. This essence balances dissonances in your energy system and in rooms. It lifts the soul and helps you to find your own harmonious expression.

Daily application in April:

  1. Place three drops into your left hand and rub them between your palms. You raise your arms to Heaven to receive divine harmony from Heaven. Then you place both hands onto the floor to share divine harmony with Earth. Then you hold your hands in front of your heart chakra in prayer position and let divine harmony flow into your heart. 
  2. Then you stretch out your arms and let divine harmony flow into all four directions to share it with the world. For this you turn clockwise 90 degrees each time. 
  3. Then you stretch your arms back towards Heaven to receive even more divine harmony. You fan it into your aura in slow circling movements (on each chakra level all the way down to your feet). 
  4. Then you place three drops into your hands and hold them 40 cm in front of your heart chakra and take up divine harmony into your emotional body from there.
  5. Then you hold your hands in front of your nose and take three deep breaths. 
  6. Then you hold your hands in front of your brow chakra and open yourself to the realisation levels of Divine Harmony, and then slowly lead your hands around your head and back. 
  7. Then you place your hands onto your kidneys and wait until they have taken up Divine Harmony.
  8. Finally, you take one drop orally.
105 Divine Harmony - Starlight Essence April 2019
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105 Divine Harmony


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