May 2019: 73 Samiva

Samiva brings an amazing awakening and a discovery of the boundlessness of your own light. It helps the physical body to tune in to these frequencies and it helps you to leave behind identification with old limited ways of living on Earth. This essence makes your physical body translucent so that it can carry the high frequency vibration of your soul’s light and it allows you to experience yourself as a being of light with unlimited possibility. Samiva enhances the ability to be both body and light at the same time, allowing you to experience lightness without losing contact with the Earth. 


Daily application in May:

  1. Hold the essence with your arm stretched above your head. From there you slowly lead it downwards to your lotus chakra. From further to your brow chakra and so on all the way down to your root chakra. Then to your feet, where you place the bottle between your feet and leave it there for a moment.
  2. Then you bring the essence back up slowly to your lotus chakra.
  3. Place one drop each onto your chakras (lotus to root), and then one each onto your knees and both feet. 
  4. Rub three drops between your hands and place your hands onto your spleen and liver. Then place them onto your kidneys and then make a clockwise circle around your belly button.
  5. Place one drop into a glass of water and drink the water. 
73 Samiva- Starlight Essence May 2019
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73 Samiva


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