September 2019: 97 Divine Delight


Divine Delight lets you experience the diversity of the divine creation impulses and the endless joy for the levels of light that enter creation. This essence lifts your vibration and re-connects you with your own origin allowing your aura to shine brightly. Divine Delight helps you to become aware your own place in heaven and to take it. 


It brings you into harmony with your own light family; and it furthers the awareness of higher levels of light in order to bring them to Earth. Divine Delight strengthens the flow of communication between all worlds; and it helps you to experience yourself in unity with creation. 




Daily application in September:

  1. Place one drop each onto every chakra (lotus to base chakra), both knees, onto your feet and into your mouth.
  2. Rub three drops between your hands and do the following exercise for every chakra (lotus to base chakra): Stretch your arms to the sides of each chakra and hold your hands there for a moment. Then slowly bring your hands to your physical body and put your hands onto your body. Wait a moment and then slowly bring your hands back to the original position at the sides, also resting there for another moment. For the lotus chakra you can stretch your arms upward.
  3. Place one drop each onto your thumb/Index- and middle finger held together (left and right), and hold your atlas and coccyx until the light channel in your spinal cord has been flooded with light.

97 Divine Delight - Starlight Essence September 2019
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97 Divine Delight


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