Oktober 2019: 76 Krishna's Mouth

Krishna’s Mouth connects you with the qualities of Krishna who inspires and unites all realms with his joy and his singing; and through these gifts he brings into manifestation new worlds of light. This essence invites you to be part of this cosmic creation by bringing lightness into your body and supporting you as you expand and merge with God. Krishna’s Mouth lets you experience the divine praise that exists as sound in all worlds. It allows access and connection to your individual soul sound; and helps you through sound to share your light. It is supportive when expressing devotion through songs and mantras. 





Daily application in October:

  1. Place one drop each onto the lotus, throat and heart chakra.
  2. Lead the essence around your body clockwise on the level of the brow, throat and heart chakra.
  3. Rub three drops between your hands, then stretch them high above your head. Invite the energy and then slowly bring your hands downwards to the level of your shoulders. Here you turn yourself once clockwise keeping your hands stretched out.
  4. Place the bottle between your feet and place your hands flat over one another onto your heart chakra. Keep them there until the energy has flowed through.

76 Krishna's Mouth - Starlight Essence October 2019
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76 Krishna's Mouth


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