January 2020: 106 Divine Freedom

This essence carries the energy of divine freedom which empowers you to live your own creation power. Divine freedom is just as much a part of your complete soul potential as are your own colours and sounds of light. It is a gift and task at the same time. This essence helps you to realise the divine natural law of your own unique path so that you can complete your tasks in full awareness of your own creation power. Divine freedom means to live and express yourself completely and to only orientate yourself towards divine guidance in order to realise your soul potential on Earth. Divine freedom can be experienced when your own will and divine will become one and your own imaginings, hopes and earthly limitations lose their importance. This essence helps you to come into contact with this quality and to lead your life accordingly. 


Daily application in January:

  1. Hold the essence with your arm stretched above your head. Then lead it slowly downwards close to your chakras (lotus to root chakra) and then further down to your feet and place it at your feet for a moment. 
  2. Slowly bring the essence up through your emotional body (ca. 40cm distance away from your physical body) and rest at every chakra for a short moment. 
  3. Place one drop each onto every chakra (lotus to root), both knees, onto both feet and into your mouth.
  4. Rub three drops between your hands and place them onto your kidneys. Leave them there until the energy has been taken up. Then move your hands over your body to the front, and leave them there until the energy has been taken up there also. 

106 Divine Freedom - Starlight Essence January 2020
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106 Divine Freedom


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