February 2020: 26 Mother's Child

Mother’s Child connects you with the Divine Mother. It supports you to place yourself quite consciously under her care and protection; and creates a place of safety and acceptance. This essence strengthens your trust as it aligns you to the divine light and enhances your love for yourself. Mother’s Child helps you to stop devaluing or judging yourself; and enables you to go through current karmic issues more easily. It brings healing into all mothering issues, including those to do with Mother Earth. 

Mother’s Child allows you to dive into the new healing levels of the Divine Mother. It grants powerful transformation which can be experienced through your devotion to Divine Mother as she supports the birthing process of your own light and light-form on Earth. Special support within the causal body can now be experienced enabling you to dive into the new Shakti energy. The flow between nourishing and being nourished is enhanced. 

Daily application in February:

  1. Place three drops into your right hand and put your right hand onto your liver. Hold the essence with your left hand stretched out in front of your spleen, and from there slowly lead it towards your spleen. Then hold it stretched out before your solar plexus and from there lead it to your solar plexus.
  2. Place three drops into your left hand and put your left hand onto your spleen. Hold the essence with your right hand stretched out in front of your liver, and from there slowly lead it toward your liver. Then hold it with your right hand stretched out behind you on the level of your solar plexus. From there slowly bring it towards your body.
  3. Then lead the essence clockwise around your body on the level of solar plexus, sacral and root chakra.
  4. Place one drop between your index/middle finger and move them from the base chakra along the middle line (ren meridian) all the way to your throat.
  5. Place one drop each onto your head, both feet and into your mouth. 
  6. Rub three drops between your hands and place them onto your kidneys until the energy has been taken up. 

26 Mother's Child - Starlight Essence February 2020
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26 Mother's Child


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