March 2020: 15 Silver Line

Silver Line brings healing, renewal and regeneration into your astral body. It fills in any gaps or cracks that have appeared and creates a silver layer both in and around it. Silver Line awakens the memory of your own divinity. It helps you to tune into the higher frequencies of your spiritual teachers, the angelic realms and your own worlds of light. This essence supports you on your astral journeys. Silver Line invites the light of the hyper causal body into the astral body.


Daily application in March:

  1. Rub three drops between your hands. With your flat right hand make a clockwise circle astrally above your lotus chakra. Then hold both your hands flat astrally in front of your brow chakra. Then move your hands sideways to the back and bring them to the front again. Repeat this for the throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and base chakra.
  2. Then move your flat hands astrally along the front of your legs to your feet and then back on the inside of your legs, up the frontside of your body, over your head and down along your shoulders until you reach the area between your throat and heart chakra. There you rest for a moment. 
  3. Rub one drop of the essence in your hands and move your hands astrally first around your left knee from front to back and then to the front again, and then around the right knee the same way. Then make three clockwise circles astrally in front of your knees with both your hands. 
  4. Rub one drop between your hands and then stroke with both hands first the left foot then your right foot from the top, from the sides and from the bottom.
  5. Place one drop each with your index finger around your 7th neck vertebra and move your finger up your neck, onto your throat chakra and heart chakra from the front, onto both shoulder points (GB 21), onto both knees and into your mouth. 
  6. Rub one drop between your hands and place your right hand astrally above your lotus chakra and your left hand astrally in front of your base chakra. Hold until the energy has been taken up. 

15 Silver Line - Starlight Essence March 2020
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15 Silver Line


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