June 2020: 94 Divine Grace

Divine Grace carries the quality of the divine grace. Divine grace is one of the original qualities of the creator and the Divine Mother. It is an eternally dispersing light, which grants liberation and is uplifting. The divine grace starts to flow when your heart reaches out for God in devotion. All that is touched by divine grace starts to blaze with light; and your core becomes nourished. Divine Grace brings salvation freeing you so that you can live and be yourself, with all your potential. It penetrates all layers of isolation and aversion helping you to turn to the Divine. Divine Grace supports you in becoming aware of your own significance and to live your life accordingly. It promotes the realisation or being accepted and at home in God. It helps you to fully embrace yourself, and brings healing, even into self-destructive patterns. 

Daily application in June:

  1. Hold the essence in front of your solar plexus and then lead it around your body in a clockwise circle. Then hold the essence in front of your belly button, then lead it around your body and then place it onto your belly button. Then do the same for the sacral and root chakra.
  2. Hold the essence in front of your heart chakra, then bring it to the front into your causal body holding it there for a moment. Then bring it back slowly and keep it in the emotional body (ca. 40 cm) in front of your heart chakra until divine grace has flooded your emotional body. Then bring the essence to your heart chakra. From there bring it up to your lotus chakra, where you make a clockwise circle astrally above your lotus chakra.
  3. Place one drop onto the lotus chakra and one drop each onto each chakra (brow to root chakra) front and back, then both knees, onto and under your feet and into your mouth.
  4. Rub three drops between your hands and place your hands onto your kidneys, then onto your spleen and liver and finally to the left and right of your solar plexus, and keep them there until the energy has been taken up.

94 Divine Grace - Starlight Essence June 2020
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94 Divine Grace


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