August 2020: 59 Wisdom of Sunray

The radiant energy of the sun is increasing more and more and can cause strong reactions in the physical body and the energy bodies. Wisdom of Sunray helps with the integration and acceptance of this increased intensity of light and to reap the benefits from it. The essence also helps you to open yourself to the sun’s light on an inner level penetrating the darkness and bringing light into your mind, your spirit and your emotions. 

New Levels 2012 

Wisdom of Sunray promotes adaptation to the current vibrational increase and enables access to the magnetic fields, bringing you into contact with the changes and the new modules for the DNA. 


Daily application in August:

  1. Hold the essence on your physical solar plexus chakra until the energy has been taken up; then onto the sacral and base chakra, then onto the heart, throat, brow and lotus chakra.
  2. Take two drops for each chakra into your right hand and place it directly onto your chakra and do three clockwise circles; do the same sequence of chakras like in the first step.
  3. Then you place one drop onto your feet, your knees, the shoulder points (GB 21), around the 7th neck vertebra and with one drop on your index finger you move up the neck spinal cord, and then you place one drop into your mouth.
  4. Rub three drops in your hands and place them onto your kidneys and do three clockwise circles there and then hold the hands until the energy has been taken up by the kidneys. Then you bring your hands to the sides and place them on spleen and liver.

59 Wisdom of Sunray - Starlight Essence August 2020
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59 Wisdom of Sunray


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