September 2020: 48 Or

On Orion the soul passes through a cycle of initiation and training and this essence enables you to bring back and integrate all the information and training received, according to what is relevant for you now. Very powerful knowledge of divine law is kept on Orion, such as how to bring light to Earth and how to align perfectly with your own divine plan. 

New Levels 2012 

Or enables access to the level of the divine blueprint for the new Golden Age and it brings you into contact with the complete visions for Earth, in harmony with the divine throne.


Daily application in September:

  1. Hold the essence with your arm stretched out high above your head. Then slowly bring it down to the astral body above your lotus chakra, where you make a clockwise circle. Then bring the essence further down to the brow chakra, where you make a clockwise circle around your head. Continue downwards making a clockwise circle around each chakra. From the root chakra continue further down to your knees, where you make a clockwise circle in front of each knee. Then you place the essence between your feet. 
  2. Then you place one drop each with your arm stretched out to the front, to your right, to the back and to your left.
  3. Place one drop each onto your feet, your knees, every chakra, the shoulder points and into your mouth.
  4. Rub three drops between your hands and stretch them out in front of your heart chakra. Then bring them back slowly to your heart chakra, resting in the emotional body (40 – 50 cm) and in the astral body for a moment. Then place your hands flat next to each other onto your heart chakra. Finally place your hands onto your kidneys. 

48 Or - Starlight Essence September 2020
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48 Or


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