October 2020: 86 Pleiadian Dreams

Pleiadian Dreams creates a connection to the original light of the Dreamtime. In Dreamtime the eternal laws of the cosmos and respect for all beings exist together. This essence supports visionary dreams and awakens memories of the Pleiades, where beings dream their creations into reality, enabling you to connect with divine visions with such clarity that the manifestation process can begin. This essence helps you to manifest your own light form in accordance with divine law. It creates unity among soul families and awakens consciousness of the light networks; fostering connections and communication. 

Daily application in October:

  1. Place one drop each onto the lotus chakra, brow chakra and the temples, the back of your head, the throat chakra, front and back, the heart chakra and onto your feet. 
  2. Hold the essence with your arm stretched out above your head and bring it slowly downward to your heart chakra; there you hold the essence until the energy has been taken up; then lead the essence around your body in a clockwise circle. 
  3. Rub three drops in between your hands and hold them astrally in front of your forehead; then you move your hands slowly to the sides and hold them astrally next to your temples. (This opens the insight levels)
  4. Rub three drops again between your hands and hold them stretched out in front of your heart chakra (the palms of your hands facing you); then you bring the hands slowly towards your heart chakra and thereby make a stop in the mental body (ca. 60 cm) and another stop in the emotional body (ca. 50cm), until your hands have reached a distance of 20 cm from your heart chakra. Hold them there for as long as everything corresponding has opened in the heart chakra and has been received.
  5. Finally, take one drop into your mouth. 

86 Pleiadian Dreams - Starlight Essence October 2020
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86 Pleiadian Dreams


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