November 2020: 30 Baba's Grace

Baba’s Grace is a gift from Sai Baba to mankind. It dissolves karmic blocks and brings transformation. Carried by the light of grace you can leave karmic fields behind; and with the support of this essence you can take a great step forward. This essence helps you to recognise your own being, encouraging you to leave your own small world behind and to step into the greater one. It raises your vibration and awakens your divinity which can then guide your life in a much greater way. This essence helps you to show yourself in your own light. 

New Levels 2012 

Baba’s Grace frees you from the past. Unencumbered and supported by this light of grace you can jump into the new and be reborn as everything falls away but the core qualities which want to be lived in this lifetime. 

Daily application in November:

  1. Place one drop each onto the lotus chakra and both feet. 
  2. Place one drop each with your arm stretched out to the front, the right, to the back and to the left on the floor.
  3. Rub three drops between your hands and stretch your hands out to the sides on the level of your heart chakra. Hold for a moment and then move your hands down to your root chakra and hold your hands there astrally (3 – 5 cm). Repeat for the sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, brow and lotus chakra. 
  4. Rub three drops in your hands and place them onto your kidneys. Wait until the energy has been taken up, and then move your hands to the front and place them to the sides of your belly button. Leave your hands there until the support of Baba’s Grace has arrived completely.
  5. Place one drop into your mouth or into a small glass of water and drink it.

30 Baba's Grace - Starlight Essence November 2020
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30 Baba's Grace


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