December 2020: 50 Christ

Christ activates the resonance levels for the pure Christ light which is expanding more and more on Earth. From the manifold light levels of the universe, the Christ energy is coming to Earth. This essence prepares you for this vibration and frees the layers within and around your heart. It penetrates all levels until it reaches the inner core of the heart chakra in order to free your own radiant light. For Earth, the light of Christ is expanding around the equator to create a protective cover and to carry Earth during this transition into the heart chakra time. Christ brings you into contact with the white Christ fire, which penetrates all dimensions and carries new creational impulses. It contains leadership levels of light for the new heart-chakra age, granting a greater expansion; and allowing further communication through the heart with other worlds. 

Daily application in December:

  1. Hold the essence with your arm stretched out high above your head. Bring it down slowly to the lotus chakra and then further down to the heart chakra. Make a clockwise circle around the heart. Back on the front move the essence down to the base chakra and make a clockwise circle there as well. Then bring the essence down to the feet and place it between them. 
  2. Place one drop each between your feet, with your arm stretched out to the front, to the right, to the back and to the left. 
  3. Place one drop onto each chakra from lotus to base chakra, both knees and the back of your feet.
  4. Place one drop between thumb and index finger of both hands, and hold the left onto your coccyx and the right onto your atlas until your spinal canal has been flooded. 
  5. Rub three drops between your hands and place them flat onto your heart chakra. Then bring them to the astral body, emotional body and to the causal body. Hold them there for a moment. Move your stretched out hands to the sides and hold them with your open palms next to your heart. From there bring your hands slowly down astrally in front of your base chakra and hold them there for a moment. Finally move your hands right and left to the back of your base chakra, hold them there, and bring them back to the front. 
  6. If necessary, take one drop orally or put one drop into a glass of water and drink it.

50 Christ - Starlight Essence December 2020
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50 Christ


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