February 2021: 79 Agni's Eyes

Connecting you with the loving energy of the fire, Agni’s Eyes essence penetrates everything even subtle layers of delusion and self-delusion. It is as if you are looking directly into Agni’s all-seeing eyes. Agni’s Eyes will cleanse and clear the perception levels of the brow chakra bringing you self-knowledge and self-awareness. It helps you to learn to love yourself unconditionally. By accepting your true self you can receive the support to fully live life from this perspective.


Daily application in February:

  1. Using your index finger, place one drop each onto your eyes, your forehead, the temples, the back of your head, up your neck and onto the heart chakra.
  2. Lead the essence with your arm stretched out in front of you from the top to the bottom.
  3. Then place a drop in front of you, to the right, behind you, to the left, between your feet and onto your head.
  4. Rub three drops between your hands and working in the astral body, bring your left hand up slowly in front of your chakras while bringing your right hand down.
  5. Then move your hands on the level of your solar plexus chakra astrally from the back to the front and back again.
  6. Place one drop each onto the shoulder points and the tips of your shoulders.
  7. Rub three drops between your hands and place them onto your spleen and liver waiting until the energy has been taken up. Then place them onto your kidneys until the energy has been taken up here as well.

79 Agni's Eyes - Starlight Essence February 2021
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79 Agni's Eyes


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