March 2021: 58 Wisdom of Freedom

Wisdom of Freedom brings you into contact with the freedom to live your true self. Freedom is the heritage of our divinity. We are all free beings and can follow our own divine natural law; this essence brings back the memory of this freedom. It helps you to not be limited or restricted by the outer world. Wisdom of Freedom frees your inner light and lets you experience yourself as part of the divine order. 

New Levels 2012 

Wisdom of Freedom grants access to your own soul path; and access to other stars. Through this essence you can dive into initiation cycles which now want to be lived to the full. 

Daily application in March:

  1. Hold the essence with your arm stretched out in front of your solar plexus chakra, and from there bring it to the astral body in front of your solar plexus chakra. Hold it there and then make a clockwise circle around the body. 
  2. Place one drop each on the front and the back of your solar plexus chakra, then onto the lotus chakra and between your feet, then onto the base, sacral, brow, throat and heart chakra.
  3. Rub three drops between your hands and stretch them out towards heaven, wait until the energy has come, then open the hands to the sides, bring them to the front and from the causal body slowly to the physical solar plexus chakra. There you place your hands flat on your body and wait until the energy has been taken up. Then place your hands onto spleen and liver and take up the energy. And finally place them onto your kidneys. 
  4. Place one drop between your thumb and index finger of both hands and place them onto your coccyx and atlas until the spinal light canal has been flooded with light. 
  5. Finally, place one to three drops into a glass of water and drink it. 

58 Wisdom of Freedom - Starlight Essence March 2021
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58 Wisdom of Freedom


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