May 2021: 64 Goddess of Nature

Goddess of Nature brings you into contact with the new cycles for Earth; making it possible to dive into the new rhythm. It strengthens the female creation power and brings you into contact with the nature temples which are waiting to be re created. The harmony of all earthly creation aspects, which reflect in everything that exists, can be experienced through Goddess of Nature. The creational tools for this new time, as well as the light realms which are stored in Earth, can be accessed. Goddess of Nature promotes communication with all nature beings and kingdoms on Earth; and supports the worshipping of the Great Mother. 

Daily application in May:

  1. Place one drop each with your arm stretched out to the front, to the right, to the back and to the left of yourself.
  2. Place one drop each onto the back of your feet, the knees, the chakras (front and back) from the base chakra to the brow chakra and onto the middle of the lotus chakra. 
  3. Then lead the essence beginning at the base chakra in a clockwise spiral around the body upwards around the chakras to the head; then from there back down in a clockwise spiral around the body to the front of the base chakra.
  4. Place one drop each between your feet and into your mouth.
  5. Rub three drops between your hands and place them onto your kidneys; when the energy has been taken up, move your hands to the front and place them to the right and left of the belly button; wait until the energy has been taken up and then place the left hand onto your sacral and your right hand onto your heart chakra.

64 Goddess of Nature - Starlight Essence May 2021
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64 Goddess of Nature


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