June 2021: 57 Wisdom of Peace

Wisdom of Peace reconnects you with the highest aspects of peace which are kept in the sun. The sun holds the quality of peace for individuals and universal peace for the Earth. In the centre of the sun there are many training sites. Wisdom of Peace addresses the higher levels of the solar plexus, illuminating it from within. Taking this essence helps you to understand what it means to both experience peace and to be peace. It assists you in using the light of peace consciously for yourself and for others. Wisdom of Peace brings you into contact with the golden light levels and the divine peace which is coming to Earth from Shambala. It contains original information of the golden city in a new form for the current times. On the sun, the golden temple of Agni shines in complete form and it is here that the main crosspoint is located, where all light information comes together, in order for it to come to Earth. 


Daily application in June:

  1. Hold the essence with your arm stretched out in front of your solar plexus chakra and wait until it has finished its work. Then bring it closer to your solar plexus (40cm) and wait again. Then bring the essence to 20cm in front of your solar plexus, hold it there and then make a clockwise circle around the solar plexus chakra. Then hold it 3-5cm in front of your solar plexus chakra, hold it there and then make a clockwise circle around the solar plexus chakra. 
  2. Rub three drops between your hands and rub your solar plexus, then place your hands onto spleen and liver, then onto the back of your solar plexus chakra, and from there back to the front again. 
  3. Bring the essence down slowly along the chakras to your feet and place it between your feet. Wait until the energy has distributed itself, then bring the essence all the way back up to above your head. 
  4. Place a drop to the front, right, back and left of you; a drop each onto the feet, knees, base and sacral chakra, belly button, solar plexus, heart, throat, brow and lotus chakra, lower edge of the back of your head, shoulders left and right, elbows and into your mouth.

57 Wisdom of Peace - Starlight Essence June 2021
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57 Wisdom of Peace


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