July 2021: 12 Devotion

Devotion supports you to resolve any level of conflict that you experience to do with willpower. These conflicts often manifest in the spinal column. Devotion essence dissolves limiting layers and frees up the energy flow through the spinal column and enhances and strengthens it. The essence flows into each vertebra and brings light into your whole being. It supports your readiness to continue on your path. It brings your own will into alignment with the divine will. 

Devotion harmonises heaven and Earth within your own body. It helps you realign yourself completely so that you can experience yourself as a mediator between heaven and Earth. It helps you recognise and accept your own true greatness. 


Daily application in July:

  1. Place one drop each onto the top of your head, the back of your feet, both knees and the chakras from root to brow chakra on the front and on the back from the back of your head to the root chakra.
  2. Rub three drops in your hands and place your left hand onto the left side of your head and your right hand onto your right knee. Wait until the energy has been taken up. Then switch your hands to the other side: right hand on the right side of your head and left hand on the left knee. (If necessary take three new drops and rub them between your hands). 
  3. Take one drop orally.
  4. Rub three drops between your hands and place your hands onto your kidneys and wait until the energy has been taken up. 
  5. Finally, place your hands crossed over onto your shoulder points. 

12 Devotion - Starlight Essence July 2021
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12 Devotion


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