September 2021: 113 Sai Baba's Fulfilment

Sai Baba’s grace and endless abundance of light can be contacted through this essence. Sai Baba, as a divine incarnation, described in the Vedas, appeared as an incarnation on Earth to deliver God’s promise: the promise of the completion of the creation of light which has its expression in the Golden Age. It is an era of complete peace where everyone takes their place and lives their own divine expression full of joy and devotion. This essence brings you into contact with the potential of completion and strengthens it allowing your own path to unfold. The essence opens the gates to heaven and Earth through which all supporting energy that is needed can come into your life. Sai Baba’s Fulfilment lets you take your steps, carried by the golden light, focussed on your goal. It touches the core of your being and helps you to live your core qualities. It promotes the recognition of yourself and all others as an embodiment of divine love. Sai Baba’s Fulfilment lets you dive into your complete soul potential so that you may be enthused and prepared to fulfil your tasks. Sai Baba’s Fulfilment grants complete visions of the Golden Age; and it brings you into contact with the golden lotus levels, which enable the manifestation in the Earth’s structures. It also brings you into contact with the golden heart as a new creation level in the heart chakra, enabling you to dive into divine truth and to grasp your complete incarnation task. It grants the gift of being carried by the golden waves and contains divine peace in its completeness.  

Daily application in September:

  1. Place one drop each with your arm stretched out to the front, to the right, to the back and to the left.
  2. Place one drop each onto the solar plexus and brow chakra, the base and lotus chakra, the sacral and throat chakra and onto the heart chakra; then onto the knees and elbows.
  3. Rub three drops between your hands and let them sink to the sides. From there do several swinging movements from the bottom to the top and back again, increasing the swinging motion until the base chakra and the top of the lotus chakra is covered. 
  4. Finally, place 1-2 drops with a circling motion onto the sacral chakra, front and back.

113 Sai Baba's Fulfilment - Starlight Essence September 2021
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113 Sai Baba's Fulfilment


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