November 2021: 29 Delight

Delight illuminates the causal body so that it is able to integrate higher frequencies of light and increase its vibration accordingly. Delight helps you to no longer identify with karmic structures; and it brings new possibilities for you to cope with aspects of the past. This essence encourages you to take your place as a light being and it supports you in your ascension process. 

New Levels 2012 

Delight adjusts your causal body to your hyper-causal body in order for you to dive into the completeness of your being. It supports the increase and shift of vibration according to the light matrix. 

Daily application in November:

  1. Hold the essence with your arm stretched out in front of your base chakra and slowly bring it to your astral base chakra where you hold it for a moment. Then repeat for the sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat and brow chakra. For the lotus chakra hold the essence with your arm stretched above your head and bring it down slowly to your astral lotus chakra where you hold it for a moment. 
  2. Place one drop each onto the physical chakras (from the lotus chakra and brow to base chakra, front and back)
  3. Place one drop into both hands and place one onto your spleen and the other onto your liver and hold until the energy has been taken up.
  4. Repeat fort he kidneys.
  5. Place one drop of the essence in a small glass of water and trink it slwoly.

29 Delight - Starlight Essence November 2021
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29 Delight


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