March 2022: 60 Spiritual Centering

Spiritual Centering centres you and connects you with your inner core. It brings you into alignment with your life path. Spiritual Centering helps you to recognise what belongs to you and what does not. No matter what is going on in the outside world it helps you to remain calm and at peace. This essence helps you to learn to focus on your own inner centre where you can gain clarity to help you make decisions; thus strengthening your confidence to follow your life path. 

Daily application in March:

  1. Place one drop clockwise on your Solar Plexus chakra front and back.
  2. Move the bottle with your arm fully stretched slowly back from the front to the astral Solar Plexus chakra and make there a clockwise circle. Then do the same from the right side towards your astral liver, from the back to the astral Solar Plexus chakra and from the left to your astral spleen; each time making the astral circle
  3. Hold the bottle with your arm stretched above your head and move it then slowly along the middle line downards to your feet, where you put it between your feet. Leave it there until the energy has arrived and starts to support your system.
  4. Put 1 drop on the feet, the knees and into your mouth.
  5. Give 3 drops into your hands and place your left hand on your spleen and and your right hand on your liver. Wait until the energy has been taken in.
  6. Place both hands on your kidneys until the kidneys absorbed the energy.

60 Spiritual Centering - Starlight Essence March 2022
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60 Spiritual Centering


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