April 2022: 51 Fire of Venus

On Venus there is a holy fire that is filled with love and wisdom. Fire of Venus brings you into contact with the energy of this fire and nourishes the fire element in your body. It is a softly burning yet powerful fire. Fire of Venus illuminates the Earth fire of the base chakra so that it can unite with the fire of love in the heart chakra; and by doing this it activates and connects the fire between the base chakra, sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra and heart chakra. Fire of Venus supports transformational fires and sacred fires. It helps the earthly fire to connect with the heavenly fire. Fire of Venus brings you into contact with the unity of the fire of Agni, the Christ fire and the golden creation waves. The synchronisation of Heaven and Earth can be experienced in manifold form.  


Daily application in April:

  1.  Apply 1drop on the root, sacral, solar plexus, and heart chakra; the knees, the feet, on top of your head and into your mouth.
  2.  Apply 1drop with your index finger in one line from bottom to top on your neck.
  3.  Apply 1drop each on both shoulder joints.
  4. Put 1drop on thumb & index finger together and hold with your left fingers the tailbone and with your right fingers your atlas until your spine channel is flooded.
  5.  Hold the bottle with your arm stretched in front of your heart chakra. Move it from there clockwise around your body with a stop on the right side, the back and the left side until you reach the starting point. From there move the bottle towards the body until you reach the emotional body in front of the heart chakra, where you hold the bottle for a while.
  6.  Move the bottle slowly in the emotional body distance of the root chakra clockwise around the body.

51 Fire of Venus - Starlight Essence April 2022
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51 Fire of Venus


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