May 2022: 70 Anega

Anega helps you to connect with your own starlight. Each soul has their unique starlight dress which was woven in Salerno. Anega awakens the memory of this light to bring alignment and access to your own starlight information. 

Anega promotes the awakening and unification of your own starlight presence. It helps in the shaping of your new light body as the light gown of the soul receives a manifest earthly form. 




Daily application in May:

  1. Place one drop each on the floor to the front, right, back and left of you.
  2. Hold the bottle above your head with an outstretched arm and slowly bring it down to the Lotus Chakra, Forehead to Root Chakra and from there down to your feet. From there bring it back up, making a small clockwise astral circle in front of the chakras from Root to Lotus Chakra. 
  3. Apply 1drop to each chakra. 
  4. Put 3 drops in your hands and place them on the kidneys. 
  5. Move the bottle clockwise around the body with the arm outstretched at heart chakra level. 
  6. Add 1drop to a glass of water and drink it slowly.

70 Anega - Starlight Essence May 2022
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70 Anega


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