June 2022: 102 Divine Fire

This essence carries the energy of the divine fire which is the origin of all that is. Creation emerges from the original divine fires. This essence brings you into contact with this original power to nourish your soul and to enhance your connection to your own heaven. It gives you the strength to follow your own path and to achieve your goals. 

Divine Fire fuels the creational fire in all chakras. It frees your path so that you can connect with your own origin and at the same time align yourself with your goals. This essence penetrates all human limitations. It grants liberation and supports you in living your creation power. Divine Fire frees the soul from the entanglements of the past; and it strengthens the presence of light and love. 






Daily application in June:

  1. Apply 1 drop to each chakra, from root to lotus chakra.
  2. Apply 1 drop to each of the feet, knees and under the tongue. 
  3. Put 2-3 drops in your leading hand and place it just above the navel; then make 3 clockwise circles around the navel. 
  4. Hold the bottle at the emotional body distance (40-50cm) in front of the heart chakra for a while and then slowly move it clockwise around the body at that height.

102 Divine Fire - Starlight Essence June 2022
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102 Divine Fire


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