August 2022: 25 Flower Grace

Flower Grace brings healing frequencies and light information from the flower kingdom into the causal body. It brings transformation into limiting structures and grants the relief and healing of old wounds. It lets you experience the completeness of your own light. Flower Grace reminds you that you are part of the cycle of creation and it helps you to orientate yourself, as the flowers do, towards the light.






Daily application in August:

  1. Put 1 drop on the centre of the head and both knees.
  2. Move the bottle astrally along the centre line from the head to the feet. 3. Drop 1 drop each with an outstretched arm around you on the floor in front, right, back and left. 
  3. Rub 3 drops in your hands and place them on both kidneys. 
  4. Move the bottle clockwise around the body with an outstretched arm at heart chakra level, the same for navel, root and solar plexus chakra. 
  5. Make 3 clockwise circles with 1 drop in your flat hand on each chakra front and back; first solar plexus to root and then heart to forehead chakra.
  6. To finish, place 1 drop on both feet and in the mouth or a small glass of water.

25 Flower Grace - Starlight Essence August 2022
Application Details
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25 Flower Grace


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