October 2022: 18 Emotional Protection

This month it's a spray. Emotional Protection provides a protective cover of golden light around the emotional body. It helps you to be in harmony with yourself and to perceive the world differently from this state. Emotional Protection furthers your understanding that you are protected by your own light. Emotional Protection supports you to act in ways that are not controlled by your emotions or the emotions of others. The essence helps you to not identify with negative energies around you or taking on other people’s emotions. Emotional Protection strengthens the golden light of your inner core and in your aura and enhances your inner wisdom. 



Daily application in October:

1. Spray twice 40-50cm in front of your solar plexus, root and heart chakra.

2. Spray there in the same distance clockwise around your body.

3. Spray in the same distance clockwise around your head.

4. Spray 5-10cm in front and at the back of your chakras from root to lotus chakra. 

5. Spray at spots in your aura, where you sense it’s needed and as well in the room.


18 Emotional Protection - Starlight Essence October 2022
Application Details
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18 Emotional Protection


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