December 2022: 30 Baba's Grace

This month it's a spray. Baba’s Grace is a gift from Sai Baba to mankind. It dissolves karmic blocks and brings transformation. Carried by the light of grace you can leave karmic fields behind; and with the support of this essence you can take a great step forward. This essence helps you to recognise your own being, encouraging you to leave your own small world behind and to step into the greater one. It raises your vibration and awakens your divinity which can then guide your life in a much greater way. This essence helps you to show yourself in your own light. 



Daily application in December:

1. Spray twice with your arm stretched above your head.

2. Spray with your arm stretched in front of each chakra in the order of heart, solar plexus, sacral and root chakra and then throat, brow and lotus chakra.

3. Spray in the distance of 40 cm and 10cm in front of each chakra from root to lotus chakra.

4. Spray at spots in your aura, where you sense it’s needed and as well in the room.

30 Baba's Grace
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30 Baba's Grace


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