Personal Guidance Crystal

Your Personal Guidance Crystal - initiated for you by Deborah.


Is 2020 your year to live up to your soul potential in the abundance of your light and qualities? A year when you can focus on what’s really important for you? Do you need help in the process of exploring, freeing yourself or for the manifestation process?


Here is our new, special 2020 offer for you - the Personal Guidance Crystal.


It aligns you and connects you with your divine guidance when you hold it in front of your heart chakra. In this alignment you can receive the impulses more clearly. You experience the space of your heart chakra; the light of your heart starts to shine.

The guidance crystal is a wonderful tool for helping make decisions, helping to realign yourself again and again, as well as helping you live yourself in a happy flow.


Price: From £88 depending on the size of the crystal.



Guidance Crystal


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