Emotional Balance Cream

Gentle Touch for Relaxation and Harmony

Emotional Balance Cream

Emotional Balance Cream instantly brings relaxation and balance to the physical body. It supports all areas that are easily affected through emotional resonances, including symptoms of manifestation (unwellness, disease etc), in the physical body. At this current time, where we are subject to various influences from the outer world and can experience emotional ups and down with ourselves and others, it is extremely important to maintain a good inner balance; and this cream can help to achieve this. Emotional patterns that once led to tension, blockages or overreactions, lose their impact and it becomes easier to be oneself, and to interact with others, in a more balanced and relaxed way.


Emotional Balance Cream enhances the body’s energy flow and releases it from the burden of having to express ‘emotional imbalance’, allowing you to experience yourself as an energetic being and not become stuck in your human ‘physicalness’. Emotional Balance Cream permeates and shines through the physical body, and the energy bodies, bringing then back into harmony. It should be applied directly to the skin.


Content: 30ml


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