White-Golden Lotus Crystal Mandala

White-Golden Lotus Crystal Mandala

The white-golden Lotus contains the new creation levels of the crystal worlds. The creation impulses and the creation flow from heaven want to stimulate a new flow within the people and on earth.

The white golden lotus crystal supports the alignment with one’s own divine light levels. It increases the permeability of the energy bodies, so that the whole incarnated being can be more easily attuned and receptive for the leadership impulses coming strongly from heaven to earth from now on.


The white-golden lotus crystal strengthens the presence of light, brings healing and helps to unfold new potential for the new time. Layers of isolation and the experiences of “feeling separated from the light/from origin” will dissolve.


Available as a full size fine art print and a postcard from the original painting of Irsa Sauerbrey.


Full size fine art print: 30cm x 30cm

Postcard size: 14.8cm x 14.8cm (A5 square) 


The back of the postcard is blank for your own message.




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